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Hi -

The Sauna arrived in good condition and was easy to assemble.  We are very happy how it works.  My big concern was that I wouldn’t be able to sweat in it.  As you assured me, sweating is no problem.

Thanks again for the excellent service.  I’ll be sure to let friends know that your product is top notch, and your company a pleasure to do business with.

Sebastapol, CA

Hi Andy:  

You are really a mind-reader!  We have received the sauna and set it up.  It was just about as easy as you mentioned.  My daughter has used it several times and we have every hope that this will be the beginning of her complete return to health.   

I thank you and your entire staff for all of the support and generosity you gave to my daughter.  Without that support, I would not have realized that it was vital that we make the investment for her and give her every opportunity to heal.   

I will always remember your kindness.   

Please let us know of any tips and new information that would be useful to us.   

I will tell everyone how great this sauna is, and more important, how great everyone is at Sauna Works.   

Very truly yours,   

San Francisco

Hi Andy,

Well, we received it - set it up and tried it out.  It has surpassed all of our expectations, and so have you.  Thank you so much for keeping us so informed through out the process.  We didn't have any trouble getting it set up or figuring things out, now that we have it we are so glad we upgraded to the IS-4.  

I have attached a photo of where is lives in our house.  I didn't attach a photo of the view from inside the Sauna BUT our options are a view of the big screen High Definition TV or looking outside at our beautiful yard:) We are so set.!

We do have a question now that we have tried it out a couple of times:
1) Is it ok to take a 30 minute Sauna in the morning and in the evening?

Thank you so much for everything!


Hello and Happy Holidays.

Yes, we did receive our new sauna and you CAN’T have it back!! It’s ours, we paid for it, we’ve bonded so there! I do think we’ve put permanent dents in the seat from repeated use though….so it’s molded to our happy little @#*’s.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


We received the Clearlight sauna without any problems.  The trucking company even placed it in my garage till I had time to set it up.  It took about an hour to assemble the panels.  The unit is well made.  I was at first surprised that the top of the unit wasn't finished like the other panels, but then I don't get up and try to look over the top of the unit.  We have used the sauna several times already.  And found that every time we used it early in the evening, we both slept well later at night.  It also helped with some back aches I had.  I am also on coumadin and believe this will help my circulation.

You have an excellent product.  And it has been a pleasure doing business with you.  I will surely recommend this sauna to everyone I know.  I do have a few suggestions for your manual next time you update it.

I will provide more details later.  One thing to keep in mind is to note up front that a person might have to change their existing electrical outlet to accommodate the 20 amp plug.  I never gave this a thought until I went to plug it in.   Glad I had enough space to change it after the fact. 

Anyway - awesome product - I wish you and your company ever more success.  Thank you.
Engr. Physicist

Received the sauna the other day. The unit is top quality and we are very happy with the care you show in materials and the excellent way you pack it for shipping. Man, the strength of this unit when put together with your clips is amazing. A truly beautiful sauna and exceeds your statements on quality, material and everything connected with your company. We are very happy.

Reverand Ralph

Yes ease of assembly, I took a total of 35 minutes with a helper to assemble. It took longer to read the manual.  Great looking unit... Thanks

New York

When we upgraded the sauna in our day spa from a 2-person to the corner sauna our customers were awed! Clearlight Saunas are truly beautiful and work fantastic. The attention to detail is noticeable and the benefits that my customer feel are remarkable.

Thanks again for your excellent service. We recommend you to all of our customers.

San Francisco

We are very pleased with the Clearlight Sauna. Once we got it out of the box and down to our lower living area, it took just minutes to assemble--the hard part was getting it downstairs.

We are impressed with the quality and workmanship of the unit--looks as if it was built to last a lifetime. I've been using it pretty much every day; My Wife every other day.

Thank you for your responsiveness throughout the process; we've already recommended Clearlight to a few of our friends in the Sacramento area.

We'll keep you posted as we continue to use our sauna...thanks again!


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